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The New Suarez Role...

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So I was reading some of the tactical wisdom of Brendan Rodgers, and he described this position for Suarez:

"When he played at Ajax he played in behind as a No10, in between the lines, and he played as a reverse winger from the left side so he wasn't quite out wide - he was tucked in round the corner."

Is there any way to replicate this new football position in FM13? I tried to do it myself but I got lost halfway through and cried myself to sleep in the corner of the room. I tried again the following day by following the instructions to the letter, but found myself standing in the middle of a road in Scarborough.

If possible, I'm also looking for a way to stop the false seven and a half from getting around the semi-circle in between the goalposts halfway across the pitch in behind the false back.

Any help is appreciated :)

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I'm not sure what Rodgers is on about but he clearly didn't see Suarez play for Ajax if he thinks he played on the left, he played on the right. His best form and his goals for Ajax came when he drifted centrally from a right position. Find any analysis from when he was at Ajax and he was 90% of the time on the right.





In terms of FM you'd either off set him as a AMCR with an inside forward role or you'd put him on the right and give him inside forward role.

In terms of real life he was a winger forward on the right though.

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So it wasn't a serious thread and you didn't want to create the role?

I thought you actually did want to create the role and was just messing around with the rest of the post.

Either way, I can appreciate you tried to bring a bit of humour but can you please refrain from creating threads like this and trying to be the next Peter Kay. The forums are busy enough without having to moderate stuff like this, it's really not helpfull at all. This section of the forums is to try and help and assist people the best we can and posts like this offer nothing and just clog the forum up. We have off topic/football sections for light hearted stuff already.

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