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Free kick goal with goalkeeper

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I'm from Argentina and my English is bad. Sorry.

It is the first time in the Football Manager series I did a free kick goal with my goalkeeper and wanted to share with you.

It's a game I play with River Plate in 2034.

The match is for the 8th finals Cup Argentina.

In minute 90 +3.

We won 1-0.



My Steam user is:


See ya

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Nice goal! Does that keeper have a high free kick taking attribute? I've always fancied having a Ceni/Chilavert type keeper in my team, not easy to find though.

I did it in a game in FMC.

It was the sixth player to best free kick attributes

In that game players and changes I'm sure the first option to boot.





I hope they understand my English language as it is very basic. :p

See ya

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