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Football Manager needs is a competitor in the market.

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Having the monopoly on the genre has made SI complacent, as evidenced in the current match engine shambles. It's evident there is not enough pressure on developers to release a competitive and groundbreaking product, and although FM remains a superb game, FM13 has been a considerable shambles.

What Football Manager needs is a competitor in the market.


Disclaimer to mods: this is not an attack, rather a call for respectful debate amongst paying customers. Thanking you kindly!

Edit: I just realised the typo in the subject, moderators can you please fix it? :)

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There is a competitor with pretty deep pockets actually. The fact that you completely neglect that actually speaks for the quality of SI's work.

Also, the way you describe your criticism of the game as a simple fact also falls short of how things should be discussed. There are plenty of people with a decidedly different view on that.

In general of course, having competition may make the developers strive to be better and better, but I don't feel SI are complacent at all. Look at the support which is provided on here. Sure, there could always be something better, but it's humans at work, not robots.

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