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[FM 2013, 13.2.1] Vami's Asymmetric 4-5-1 - safe at the back, champions 1st season

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After my Oak Tree stopped working when the Christmas patch was introduced, I was struggling to make another good plug-and-play tactic to have fun playing FM 2013. Unfortunately, it all coincided with my 18-season long Dab Dabrowa game's crash, so I had to start from scratch. Swiss team Sion got my sympathy and respect after their doomed battle with UEFA some months ago, so I decided to bring them back to Europe. I was supposed to finish mid-table, the media anticipated 3rd place and the bookies gave me no chance.

Knowing that the Christmas patch really screwed up the defensive work and made AI's wingers and wide players omnipotent, I decided to basically nail my full backs to the ground and forbid any runs or dribbles in that area. I also ditched man marking and tight marking in the defensive line, as after my analysis I found them unreliable. I also decided to form an asymmetric trident in the center, composing of left DMC, central CM and right AMC. The results surprised me and I was sitting on top half-way into the season. I wasn't anticipating anything positive in the spring season, as I thought it was just pure luck. Well, I was wrong! My hard-fighting team won the championship and my AM RC scored 19 goals, snatching the season's Player of the Year award.

Here are some screenshots and the download link:





As you can see, the tactic is very safe at the back - just 0,55 goals conceded per game. My GK had 21 clean sheets (!), the runner-up had 10.

I don't use any shouts (apart from logical "take a breather" when tired or changing mentality to defensive/attacking when desperate, but normally I don't use them).

The training I use is: FITNESS, HIGH INTENSITY throughout the season.

OIs are handled by the assman.

Team talks: no pressure. Sometimes: you have faith (if no pressure fails to have a positive effect).

Link: Vami's Asymmetric 4-5-1

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