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Excessive 3 month + injuries

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Hi there,

I'm playing as Tottenham, in my 3rd season. It seems I'm getting a disproportionate amount of injuries that are some sort of tear resulting in the player being out for 2-3 months.

I'm in September and I have 4 first teamers out for 2 -3 months+ with either a calf tear or a hamstring tear. This happened a lot last season too.

Spurs have great training facilities, and while I'm playing an attacking tactic it isn't that aggressive, and I've been using it since the start so I don't know why I'd start getting mental injuries now. Also, my training is on average of light, I don't rush players back from injury, and it happens to too much a spread of players for it to be previous injury related.

It's odd...

Has anyone else had anything similar?

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