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Remove From Shortlist!

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One of the more annoying parts of the Non-ME game is the bombardment of largely useless news items received on Subscribed players. I have had to spend far too much time removing talentless players from my shortlist so that I would no longer receive news on them that I do not want. I am getting upwards of 50 items per Continue. I want to spend more time managing my team rather than my inbox.

In my mind it makes a lot more sense to not automatically subscribe to all players on the shortlist. It would be FAR better to have a button to press called Subscribe (Perhaps with a star icon like in the global search/what you see on Facebook which goes gold when subscribed but is silver when unsubbed)! I feel impeded by my desire to scout a lot of players whether they are any good or not due to the auto-subscription of scouted players. For example I will go into every team in my league and scout every single one of their players so I know what I am dealing with and perhaps some potential signings may arise. In League 2 this means you are looking at a lot of hopeless lads. I then get news items on every one of them, and have to wait till I have a scout report on them before I know I do/don't want to receive items on them.

If you are like me, it is even worse if you have downloaded a shortlist from the Internets and you are now receiving hundreds of news items on players that you will never want, will never afford, or whom will never want to join your club.

So my default has been now to Remove From Shortlist any player I scout, and them Add To Shortlist if I want them on there. If no Subscribe button, at least do not automatically Add To Shortlist just because I scout someone or add them to my Transfer Targets. It even adds them to shortlist if you remove from Transfer Targets!

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