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20 year old youths?!?!?


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Ok so i created my own Scottish Super league with teams having U19's and reserve squads, so when the time comes for new youth players coming threw i end up with 20 year old "youths" who are put straight into my first team as they are to old for my u19 squad, at this rate within a few seasons i wont have any players in that squad unless i buy them, ive tested changing the youths to U18's and so on, any ideas?? this has really pickled my head! i like it when i get 15, 16 year olds threw and get to watch and help them develop, no fun with 19, 20 year olds :(

Thanks in Advance :thup:

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If you mean in Nation information, which is found under database, the "Max Youth Age" ive set this to 16, 17, 18 and even 19, and im still getting 20 year olds threw. even tried changing the squads from U19's to U18's but to no joy. this is really doing my head in lol

i can upload my .dbc file if thats a help to anyone, just say and ill have it uploaded


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There's a few other things you can try, like setting the min & max age on each teams information panel, but I'm not sure if thats ideal as it could effect what age of players the AI teams attempt to buy.

Can't say I've had this problem.

You could download the schools database I made as that only generates very young players. Have a look at the settings I've used for that.


Its the School Academy Leagues BETA v1.41.dbc on there.

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