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Going back - Q for Mods or Admin

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I'm trying to install FM 09 onto my computer. I'm interested in seeing how far the games have come and having a look at the teams from 4 years ago etc.

Everytime I try to install, and I enter the keycode, it's giving me the error about the certificate not being able to connect to the internet. I've looked around and I have found a few solutions but none work and the softanchor website/key checker etc doesn't work anymore?

Is it possible to get the game working again!?

Any help from anyone would be greatly obliged.

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I think fm09 had a bug with the activation key, if you install the last ptch for it it might fix it

I didn't think you could install the newest patch without activating it first ... ?

Wasn't there a fix .exe program they brought out oo that was supposed to fix it? Can't find it anywhere, any ideas mate?

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