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Created a Super League


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Hi everyone!

I've created a Super League database and I want to share it with everyone who would like to play it as well, thought this would be the best place. After a bug was fixed which caused my game to crash on the 11th of Februari 2013, I was able to complete and test this database. Here is how it works:

All toplevel teams of the world are spread over 9 competitions with 20 teams in each, so 180 teams total. They were first divided by reputation, then I started testing and I adjusted based on the results. At the end of each season, the top 3 teams of a competition are promoted and the bottom 3 relegated. Except ofcourse in Super League 1, where promotion is impossible, and Super League 9, where relegation is impossible. Choose your team from a lower Super League and take it to the top, or take control of a topteam and prove that you have what it takes to beat the other giants.

Next to the competitions there are also cups:

- World League: All teams from all competitions join (except the bottom 4 from SL9). The teams are divided randomly in 16 poules of 11 teams each. You play once against each opponent, so 10 games total, and the top 4 go through. The remaining 64 teams play knockout games to the final. The World League replaces the Champions and Europa League.

- Gold, Silver and Bronze cup: 3 cups, gold cup is for the first 3 super leagues, silver is for 4,5,6 and bronze is for 7,8,9.

- World Champion: At the start of each new season, the winner of the World League plays one match against the winner of Super League 1, for the honor of calling yourself the World Champion for a year.

Champions League and Europa League have been removed. To play the Super League you only have to select Holland. The rest of the world will mostly be unselectable. Logo's have not yet been made, so if anyone wants to make this db even better, go right ahead and make the logo's for the competitions and cups. If you find any bugs or if you have suggestions (like which clubs I missed), please let me know. Enjoy!

Download: http://www.filefactory.com/file/vprtoi5tip/n/Super_League.rar


Super League 1

Super League 2

Super League 3

Super League 4

Super League 5

Super League 6

Super League 7

Super League 8

Super League 9

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