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do players develop PPMs naturally?

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Because he´s playing as a box to box midfielder, I would like my MC to arrive late in the opp area and curl ball (he´s my corner taker), but for some reason I can´t train him in both ppm? Is this "normal"?

Below are a list of PPM's that can only be obtained via tutoring with someone who already has them;

  • Curls ball
  • Stays back at all times
  • Dwells on ball
  • Tries to play way out of trouble
  • Gets into oppositions area
  • Arrives late in oppositions area
  • Argues with officials

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what are the best PPMs for CBs

I'm sure this was already explained in the PPM thread you did a few days ago, there is no best and it depends on what you are creating, the system you use and so on....

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yeah you did. i was just after peoples opinions on what they use

Personally I don't like my CBs to have many PPMs. Tight marking and doesn't dive in make a good man marker combination, but attacking PMs tend to ruin my short passing game. I tend to tutor for character primarily when it comes to CBs. For playmakers and forwards I tutor more for PPMs and am prepared to take a small hit on Det to get them.

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