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Late to FM 13, Crazy number of crosses?

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I've noticed a lot more scoring via crosses in FM13. For the most part I think this is good because I had all but given up on them in FM 12.

That said, I noticed there are HUGE numbers of crosses in each match. I just finished a match that featured 63 cross attempts between the two teams (split roughly even). Of those 63, 3 completed.

So yes, a goals were scored off crosses, but they required crazy numbers of them.

I don't know if there's a place for me to see average numbers of crosses in real matches but I've looked at a couple of matches and it's about 10-20 per team per match it looks like.

Note I am playing in a lower league (Serie C)

Is this a known thing with the new ME? Or a result of my league level? I play a pretty standard tactic with no special cross-related instructions.

One other thing while I'm posting, I've noticed my guys taking a LOT more shots from outside of the box, even when I use the 'work ball into the box' shout. It's frustrating because they always miss and I lose possession.

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