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Sporting Lisbon Player Development

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Sporting Lisbon Player Development

My aims for this thread will be to learn how player a player develops through the right (I hope) training, bear in mind this will be a long project and i will edit plenty, so let’s get straight into it. First of all I have chosen Sporting Lisbon as the club I am going to manage, the reason is because of their facilities which are:

Sporting Lisbon Information

I won’t be posting the staff, unless people want me to, but they are just the generic staff and some who I've added but nothing special, I also haven’t brought any tutors into the club yet as i have no wage budget left, so next season i will be sure to hire some.

Here is the squad I will be developing:

Sporting Lisbon Squad

I will be showing the players that my assistant has given 3 star potential and above, so here is the defence after 3 months of development:

Khalid Boulahrouz

Has some awesome attributes but lacks in Decisions, Concentration and Composure so i will be focusing on them as much as I can in the first year and he’s 30 years old so he isn't getting any younger, but I suppose he will naturally gain mental attributes as he grows wiser, so maybe i should focus on his Positioning and try to negate his lack of Decisions etc, anyone got any thoughts on this?

PPM's are: Marks opponent tightly and Dives into tackles

Santiago Arias

Here is my right-back of the future or so I hope, even though my assistant has only given him 3 stars I should be able to make him into a very decent RB, so I will be focusing on Tackling and Marking.

PPM's are: none yet

Emiliano Insua

Emiliano Insua formerly of Liverpool will be my second choice left back, and what a second choice i have, the only downside I can see of him is his Positioning and Acceleration/Pace which isn't even that bad.

PPM's are: Gets forward whenever possible and Dives into tackles

Cheikhou Kouyate

Kouyate is my first choice ball playing stopper it’s a shame about his low Creativity and Decisions otherwise he’d be near perfect, but I can’t train those attributes so i will be focusing on his composure.

PPM's are: None yet


On loan from Desportivo Brasil for the year, and i may be looking to get him full time, he’s an alright defender with his aerial presence and physical prowess, but nothing too special about him, I will be focusing on his Composure as he lacks decision making.

PPM's are: None yet

Daniel Carrico

The leader of the team, but he’s lacking in Decisions, Composure, Strength and First Touch, his passing isn’t too great either so will be focusing on all 4 of those trainable attributes on a 3 month rotation, I started with Composure but as it hasn’t had time to rise yet I will give him another 3 months.

PPM's are: None yet


Was injured for the first part of the season but I’m sure he will be my first choice left back, he’s pretty poor in a positional sense so i will be mainly focusing on that and his Strength.

PPM's are: None yet

Tobias Figueiredo

Star in the making, I made the mistake of sending him out on loan before he was ready, but as soon as he comes back he will be getting some first team action.

PPM's are: None yet

Marcos Rojo

Another quality defender who can play at left-back as well as centre-back, the only attribute he’s really lacking is his first touch so I will be focusing on that

PPM's are: None yet

Cedric Soares

First choice right-back at the club and he’s pretty good too, will be focusing on his Composure and his aerial ability.

PPM's are: None yet

Bernardo Carlos

Got high hopes for this lad, my assistant has given him a 4 star potential rating so i should be set for right-backs at the club, as soon as he has recovered from his injury I will be letting him have a few sub appearances.

PPM's are: None yet

And that’s it for the defence, will be posting soon with the Midfield, any comments, criticisms or critiques you have please let me know.

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And here’s the midfield:

Stijn Schaars

A decent all rounder who lacks Finishing, Pace and Workrate

PPM's are: None yet.

Marat Izmailov

Injured at the moment but will probably start as a right winger, lacks in his physicals but he’s getting older so I'm not too bothered as long as his Decisions and Teamwork rise.

PPM's are: Plays short simple passes, Curls ball, Comes deep to get ball and Dwells on ball.

Danijel Pranjic

Now here’s a player that i don’t know what to do with, he’s got some great attributes but lacks in his First touch, Decisions, Strength and Positioning, does anyone have any recommendations as to what to do with him, i play a 4-1-2-2-1 wide formation so i don't know where he will fit in, unless i raise his Positioning and play him in the centre of midfield, as he is 30 should his positioning raise quite rapidly?

PPM's are: Runs with ball down left, Gets forward whenever possible, Places shots, Plays one-twos, Cuts inside.


A pretty good left winger, has some mental attributes that i want to raise like his Decisions and Teamwork, but as i can't raise them by training I’ll have to try and get his Finishing quite high and hope he makes the right decision at the right time. At 24 he really should be getting to his peak in a few years, so i hope with the right training he can become a solid long term option.

PPM's are: Hits freekick with power and Runs with ball often.

Gelson Fernandez

This guy is simply superb in what he does, breaking up attacks and laying the ball off to more technically gifted footballer, I’m going to be focusing on his aerial ability because the stats suggest he’s competing for plenty of headers but not winning that many of them (Header Attempts: 24, Headers won: 16).

PPM's are: Dives into tackles.


Mentally and technically good, but is pretty bad in the physical department, so i will be focusing on his Quickness and Strength.

PPM's are: Plays short simple passes.

Wilson Eduardo

Assistant says he has potential, so once he’s back from his loan we will see, will be focusing on his Quickness and Passing

PPM's are: None yet.

Diogo Salomao

Looks like we have another decent left winger, but I’m going to retrain him as a poacher or an inside forward and see how it goes.

PPM's are: None yet.


Now here’s my star midfielder, is one of the most balanced players at the squad, can do almost everything, except win a ball aerially which is what i will be focusing on.

PPM's are: Gets into opposition area and Places shots.

Diego Capel

Another left winger, lacking in some important attributes like Creativity, Decisions and Composure so it looks like he’ll be second to Jeffren. Can dribble with the ball though, and has good movement, his dribbling stats so far are immense (9.69 Dribbles per game).

PPM's are: Knocks ball past opponent, Hugs touchline.

Andre Santos

A good defensive midfielder, when hes back from his loan spell at Deportivo he’ll be in the side for sure.

PPM's are: None yet.

Andre Martins

Here’s someone i have high hopes for too, very technically gifted but short in his Positioning and Strength so i will be training them up for now.

PPM's are: None yet.

Andre Carillo

A super right winger for now, looks like he needs some work on his Mental attributes though, will be training him in his Finishing and Composure.

PPM's are: Runs with ball down right.

Zakaria Labyad

I will be working with this guy closely, could be a leading star in the team, shame about his media handling style which suggests he’s low on professionalism, will be training his Stamina and Strength.

PPM's are: None yet.


The next Ronaldo? Nah doubt it, can play either wing and I’m sure will develop into an amazing Winger come Inside forward.

PPM's are: None yet.

Strikers up next!

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Here are the strikers:

Ricky van Wolfswinkel

He’s my best striker by far, and he’s only 23 so I’ll be looking to get his Quickness up to par before he reaches 25.

PPM's are: None yet.

Valentin Viola

Decent striker, missing plenty of mental attributes though, i will focus on Composure and try to get him a decent mentor.

PPM's are: None yet.

Diego Rubio

Supposedly the best prospect at my club, we will have to see how he develops, but I'm looking for him to become and inside forward or maybe a poacher I’m not too sure yet.

PPM's are: None yet


As you can see most of the players don't have any PPM’s and I plan to change that.

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So, here are the biggest changes at the start of season 3:

Marcos Rojo

Worked on his First touch and now working on his Positioning.

PPM’s are: None

Zakaria Labyad

Worked mostly on his PPM’s.

PPM’s are: Comes deep to get ball and Plays one-twos

Diego Rubio

Worked on his PPM’s quite a lot, so now i'm working on his quickness.

PPM’s are: Moves into channels, Likes to try break offside trap and Plays one-twos


Developed like a champ, working on his strength.

PPM’s are: Likes to break offside trap, Plays one-twos and Likes to round keeper

Cedric Soares

Developed really well had plenty of assists this season too.

PPM’s are: Plays one-twos

Rui Patricio

Really pleased with his development, worked mostly on his positioning.

I think I’m going to end this project sooner than I anticipated, I can’t seem to get anywhere with the board, i've had 1 million transfer budget and no prospects, I could stick with it for a few more years, I’ll have a think about it.

Edit: Arsenal have just offered me a job so I may be accepting it and continue this thread.

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