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Anyone like me suffer the "try and get a late winner in full match curse???"

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You know the routine. Play in extended highlights, a goal to the good, poor opposition equalize, at 75 minutes go to full match highlights, try everything under the sun, nothing happens, game over!!!

I must have had this about 9 or 10 times and I don't think I have scored a goal yet. Perfect example is my latest match. Just beat Chelsea away and Spurs at home so Millwall away shouldn't be a problem (maybe that's what the players thought!!) Anyway the above scenario happens so I go to full match and I think I have honestly tried everything. Major attack, counter attack, quick tempo, slow tempo, High CF, Low CF, Direct, Short, You name it I have tried it but in Full Match chasing a game I just cannot score. In fact I don't think my lot actually try to score as I don't even see any crosses or shots at all. We don't even get close!

Odd things happen. Suddenly every time my keeper kicks it up the field my striker is offside as he tries to flick it on. My players start passing back to my goalkeeper as if we are 1-0 up. The foul count seems to rise, especially when their keeper kicks it long my centre back always seems to foul their striker. Why is it that my striker is never fouled but always offside?? Their players take about 20 seconds to take a free kick or throw and their keeper takes a nap before he takes a goal kick. My players fail to get in crosses or play through balls (issue I know). My players when they have a free kick, despite having the "find best header option" ticked pass it short or again unbelievably pass it back to my keeper. My full backs on RFD Often never cross the hallway line and most of all the opposition, no matter how badly they are struggling in the table "Never seem to panic or make mistakes!!!" The whole last 10 or so minutes always feels like a training match and stumbles pathetically to a very drab conclusion. Then the Commentator says "The end of a cracking second half". No it wasn't it was like watching paint dry!!!

Strangely enough I see last minute goals on extended highlights but none on the full match. Even if the opposition scored it would spice things up a bit. This isn't a "I'm not winning rant" as I am doing fine. I am just wondering if anyone else suffers this curse and for those who always watch on full match the whole time, do you actually see any goals????!!!!! Or "Is it my tactics?!!!!!!

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