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Just not enjoying this game

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Ive tried a few different tactics over 2 different games and nothing seems to work really. My team seem to find it difficult to make even the most simple of passes and even pass the ball straight to opposition players. Im tired of watching my defenders running alongside the opposition and sitting right off them to allow them good crosses into the box and then watch my CBs not even jump for headers and watch small strikers get up and head the ball in.

Nothing seems to work, press more, hassle opponents, get stuck in. Players just still stand off.

I dont expect to win every game, i dont expect to keep 10 cleansheets in a row but i do expect my team to play some kind of football, i make good tactical changes based on what im seeing and these sometimes work for 1 game and the next i get battered. Of course you have to tailor things to suit different oppositions but we are always told not to change tactics all the time cause the team cant settle and play worse, so we are left in a situation where changes make it worse but not changing leaves you playing bad football.

I just see absolutely nothing that i can do, leaving me frustrated and feeling like i dont want to play anymore. Its not like im even a poor FM player, in previous games i have taken leeds to the top of the prem, challenging for the champ league and taken England to world cup finals. I know the game, i understand the game. but this year it feels unplayable

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