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[FM13] Ten steps to the promised land - Sturminster Newton United FC


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The Set Up:

Thats to the soon-to-be-recognised legend FCUtdWill for putting together an epic database that goes down to the 11th tier, which can be found here:


I have edited this myself to add in my local team Sturminster Newton United FC in a swap with Portland United. Stur would have appeared in the next tier if that was made, but I think thats just too much!

I have added the town of Sturminster Newton, the stadium of Bartletts Field and of course done the swap otherwise this database is exactly as FCUtdWill has intended.

The Team:

Sturminster Newton United FC, the Cherries, or as I call them Stur after the local slang for the towns name is based in North Dorset. Having lived here for 6 and a half years, trained with them this season, and even made a single appearance in a friendly for them this season I have become quite attached to my local club. (Just for the record, I was awful, got 'megged in front of the crowd of about 50 people and was shattered after about 30 mins so came off again!)

This is my attempt to make a career as manager of the team, take them as far as I can, and get a great deal of enjoyment out of FM. I fully expect to get sacked at some point, if that happens I will continue the save with a view to returning to Stur as soon as they will take me back!

I hope some poeple take an interest in this thread as I have never done a thread like this before, but for now I am going to reserve a few posts and crack on with playing my game!

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Sturminster Newton FC United - The Cherries - Dorset Premier League (Tier 11)

Founded - 1871

Legends - None

Icons - None

Favoured Personel - None

Average ticket price - £4

Season ticket price - £46

Season ticket holders - 64

Estimated Value £7k

Media Prediction - 13th

Stadium size - 200


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

And heres my starting squad, 4 superstars and a bunch of nothings!


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Players to keep an eye on:

Medi Koroma: Seems like a very good striker at this level 13 acceleration and pace should be able to keep him ahead of most defenders he encounters. I hope to have a good goal tally from him by the end of the season, assuming he isnt poached away due to the amature contract I have to give him!

Paul Mburu: Another Striker, worth mentioning as he is a Kenyan u21 international! Hopefully good support for Medi, I want a lot of asssists from this guy before he is nicked away from me!

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As I live in and follow Yeovil Town, just 15 miles or so away from you, I will follow this with interest. :thup:

Edit - From memory, didn't Yeovil play a friendly at your ground when it opened around seven to ten years ago? If so, I was there for that game. If not, then it was opening Shaftesbury's ground.

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Am now half way through Season 1 and it is looking good.

Koroma is banging them in for fun and the assists are coming from all around.

We're 5 points clear of the mighty Cranborne and playing well, confidence is rising and things are looking good.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

My squad is massive, but its all free as everyone is on amature contracts, my worry that all my players would get poached if we did well hasnt really happened, in fact only one first teamer has gone, but its one I didnt really like and has given me the chance to bring a 16 year old through so not too much of a worry.

More to come at the end of the season, if anyone can suggest a good way to get screenshots in the posts I'd apreciate it. Currently I take a screen grab, save it as a jpeg with paint, then use the uploader, but that gives me an error :(

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I live in Blandford! See they are not doing to well in your league :-) Have you tried a network game with your save? My mates have tried to join my Blandford save but it just crashes. Just wonder if its ever worked for you. Kind Regards Rob

Does your town have a local discussion website?

If so, is it called the Blandford Forum? ;)

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