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Goalkeeper Distribution, help.

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Just a quick question.

I've set my arsenal team out to play possession football, however there is one thing that keeps bugging me. I've set my goalkeepers distribution to be quick throw or defender collect, and in open play everything is fine. However when it comes to goal kicks, my gk will never play it short to a full back like ive instructed and just pumps it up the field and I have to hope one of my players wins the ball back. How can I change this. I usually play on control or attacking, I've never had this problem on previous FM's but I do appreciate that the match engine this year has changed.

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Add the instruction for him to distribute to a specific player ie a FB. Be warned though, he will start doing this most of the time, including open play. So, expect which ever side you tell him to distribute too to suddenly see a lot more action!


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I have the same "problem" with the distribution from my keeper. In his instructions i have ticked and set "defender collect" AND specific a player, in my case the DCl. Now in the most situations he plays the ball to my left FB, sometimes my right FB, but only a few time to the DCl. I am not at home at the moment, so i can't post a screenshot, but most of the time the situation on the pitch is like this (in open play an goal kick):

My team move a bit forward, as i told them per shout to "push higher up". The DCl stays deep, nearer to the GK, and is completly unmarked, so it's an easy pass for my GK. But still, he plays the ball direct to my left FB. It isn't realy what i want them to do, because now the ball ist wide left near the touchline, and my team is forced to play on the left side of the pitch.

I have watched this now in 5 or 6 matches, all of them the whole 90', it's always the same pattern.

Now my question is, does this happen because the team isn't familiar with the tactic (preseason) or maybe i do missunderstand the setting "defender collect" + specific player?


PS: I hope it's understandable what i want to say, my english-writing-attribute is at most... well 7/20.

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