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FM Classic player starting a FM Career game

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I've enjoyed FM Classic mode as I've been able to play a savegame for 5 or 6 seasons. However, I'm about finished with that savegame so I'll start afresh once the next data update's out.

My quandary is whether to start another FM Classic game, or start my first FM Career game. I enjoy quickly getting onto the next match without player and media interaction and worrying about team talks. However, signing players in FMC is a pain because of the lack of search results and attribute masking, and even scouting. I also wonder if my team's being held back by not thinking about their training and coaches.

Anyone else thinking of doing the same, or even switching from FM Career to FM Classic?

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There's a whole world out there! I start by setting myself a goal. I want my club to be financially self-sufficient, I basically want my club to have the cash of a tycoon-run club, minus the tycoon (unless you count Moratti, but he has been uncharacteristically hands off thus far in my career), but I also want to establish a dynasty.

I think a dynasty is a more common concept in North American sports than in football, but basically, it means sustained dominance, like Man U the last twenty years, Barca the last 10, etc. It means winning the league one time is good, but not the end goal. If I win the league this year I want to make sure I will be able to win next year, and the year after as well. It puts a big priority on player development. For e.g. you have a 33 y.o. Esteban Cambiasso. If I win Serie A this year, will he be a integral part of next year's campaign? Not in my squad... So now the priority is not just winning Serie A, but preparing to replace Cambiasso. This means giving a youth, or at least a back-up/rotation player some playing time, to see if they can eventually replace the retiring veteran.

Even when I lose a game, its not a complete loss, as its unlikely I had my strongest XI out on the field. Usually I choose about 8 starters and try to give some match experience to three youngsters (with another 2 or 3 subbing on, depending on the match context).

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