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Can't sign top players despite my club being highest rep in the world


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So i created my own club and like a few super leagues with all the top teams in the world put into 5 divisions in Brazil.

So leagues are all very high rated and my created team has maximum rep and massive transfer and wage budgets. So technically i should be able to sign almost anyone. I have put my club in the bottom division but in the first season i noticed top players would not even go into contract discussions with me. So i thought this maybe cos i'm in the lowest division so i just got on with it, now i have got promoted to the next division and some top players who are in that division with me still will not even enter contract negotiations with me and i have literally no idea why. Muniain, Erikson and Reyes are the 3 big(-ish) playes i have tried to sign but are not interested at all.

Does anyone see what's happening here and why no big players are interested?

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