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Slow online game (fm2013)


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Me and a friend started a new online game, but the game is horrible slow for the one that doesnt host the game. It takes all from 1-10min just to switch "page", like "inbox" to "tacics". Both have tried to host the game but it doesnt matter. We both have good internet connections(100/10Mbit/s, 100/100Mbit/s). And our computers had no problems with the game earlier(before christmas).

Our comp stats, Intel i7 3,4, radeon 6970, 8GB-RAM so they are well over the recommendations.

I've googled some on the problem and it sems to be more ppl with the same problem. So i guess there was a patch that made the online game run so slow, is there a fix out for this already or is there one coming? Are SI working on this?

EDIT: we have also tried to disable the firewall/antivirus but that doesnt help(but it shouldnt be any problems from the firewalls/antivirus or routers sense it worked great earlier).


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