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Can an Irish team be successful?

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OK so this is my first thread for FM13 and even though I have had the game since it came out I have been unable to really get a grasp of it and make a team successful. I have been playing in the Irish Premier Division and started a few different games with Shelbourne, had some success in one game but just felt like starting again as I couldn't really push on.

So now I have started a game with Dundalk and I have simplified my tactics (as in I'm not messing around with individual sliders this time round).

After reading a couple topics on here I decided I'd go for one tactic which was slow build up, narrow, and counter attacking. I also use the 'Pass into space' 'Run at defence' and 'Retain possession' shouts.

My 3-3-3-1


I have used this tactic 9 times in the league, scoring 7 and conceding 9.

My second tactic is a 4-2-3-1 which is quicker, more direct, wider and with an attacking focus. I also use the 'Get stuck in' 'Hit early crosses' and 'Get ball forward' shouts.


I have used this tactic 4 times in the league, scoring 2 and conceding 4.

This is how my team compares to the rest of the league:


Now my team is not the greatest but I do have some decent players. My expectations was to consolodate at the start of the season so the board does not expect much but I was hoping I could achieve mid-table if not even push for Europe as it's an extremely competitive league and there are only 11 teams in it.

Basically what I am trying to ask is can these 2 tactics work the way I have them set up? Or have I got them completely the wrong way around? I'm not 100% on the shouts either and what best way they effect each tactic.

Also, I am finding it hard to score especially with my more attacking players. My striker is quite slow and I am finding it hard how to get the best out of a lone forward. I've noticed as well that my back up striker who is speedy enough, 13 Accel and 13 Pace has performed better even though his mental and technical stats are lower. So I suppose a quick striker is important anyway.

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OK so I have the 4-2-3-1 and went for a more basic 4-5-1 with inside forwards.


So far, 3 games into the season, I beat last seasons winners Sligo Rovers 3-1 away from home, lost to the runners-up Shelbourne at home then beat fellow relegation candidates U.C.D 2-0 away from home. Now I know 3 games isn't much to really tell how the formation is working but the team does seem to be playing better now, albeit I have brought in some new talent which has improved the team.

I am still unsure as to when and what shouts to use for this formation. Any tips?

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