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Something thats really BUGGING me about FM

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Hi, iv mentioned this in a thread before, and its bugging me again, which is why im bringing it up again

For me FM games are so effective because of their play on our imagination. We get addicted because we feel we are the manager of our club, we feel that wev signed players, we feel excited about how those players will perform. We make our own goals in our imagination about how we want to develop certain players, and which trophies we want to realistically win that season. We have fake commentaries in our head once the game is over nd the computer is switched off.

One thing that I dont understand, is when we decide to view a match in the "Full Match" setting, the bar at the bottom (the one where you can rewind the game) stays green. And then at a certain point, when a highlight starts, it turns pale green or white.

So you go into a premier league match. Do the team talk etc, and start the game. 10 mins in as you are watching your defenders passing it around in your own half, and the bar turns pale green, indicating that a highlight has commenced. You now know, before hand, that this period of play might result in a goal/corner/shot on goal or whatever. Even though your defenders are passing it around in your own half.

I find this a flaw in the game. I find it silly, that the whole game is attempted to be made so realistic, but then just because of this one colour change on the bar, we now know that even though our defenders are passing it around in our own area, this attack could lead to a goal.....why cant the colours just not change. Then we won't know. I think its a lack of attention to detail.

So why am I making such a big deal out of this?

Well its really messed up my enjoyment of the game. I now cant stop thinking, that because the game KNOWS beforehand that this bit is a "highlight", that it also has calculated the whole match including the final score. So while im watching a match, im just sitting there paranoid, fighting a battle against this calculated scoreline. Im wondering - well whats the point in me playing - the final score has already been calculated. And I just cant seem to get this out of my head. It leads to me not making any detailed changes to the game (like changing the frequency of through balls to more often with a player, or changing the frequency of runs forward with another player)....because im just fixated on this "projected scoreline" that no one knows. Its like im playing against this projected scoreline, as opposed to playing against the opposite team. My focus has gone off reading the match, and making decisions based on it, and instead my focus is "im playing something that already has an outcome"

As regards to "well you can change the outcome, you influence it" - but its not realistic anymore. Its not like Im watching the game as if Im the manager, and im controlling my team. Its like im fighting a battle to change the computer projected scoreline.

Its really odd. But its really affected my enjoyment of FM.

Can someone help me out?

Wouldnt it just be more realistic if the bar didnt change colour. Then no one would know when a highlight or goal was coming. And instead that part of the bar could change colour once the highlight has already ENDED!!!

From a designer's point of the game, wouldnt this little change make the game more realistic??? Isnt it a logical change that FM should incorporate therefore?

Sorry for the ramble, i look forward to hear your feedback!

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