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Europa League wont start in 2nd season


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Hi, I have a feeling I know the answer to this but maybe there is a workaround:

I have created 2 'new' nations in FM13, Basque Country (from CIS) and Brittany (from Monaco). I have also changed Andorra to Catalonia and San Marino to Sicily, all with a total co-efficient of 5.000.

In season 2, the Europa League won't start. I think this might be the simple reason that there is too many eligible nations?

BUT is it maybe that there are too many qualifying teams due to the co-efficients? if so would adjusting those make any difference?

Any quick answer would be great, if not I will have to load the editor, load the data, make small changes, save the data, load the database in-game, load a new game, and holiday for a year to see if it works, and most of you know how long all that can take for no guaranteed result. So if I can avoid that and get some advice so I would still be able to keep Brittany in (otherwise they're for the chop!), that would be ideal.


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