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the FM13 Back in time challenge

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This challenge is inspired by Albert Placebo's back to the 70's FMCU thread.

so much appreciation goes to him,but I am making a challenge in this style.

The challenge

The challenge is to pick a year between the years 1970 and 1990.Then you have to go to as many of the champions league clubs from that year as possible and take them to champions league glory.The main outcome being that you will take clubs that have fallen on hard times back to their former glory.You could also try this with national teams from the year you chose that were in their continental competition or world cup this could be something to do on the same save or as a seperate challenge


The use of editors is strictly forbidden.The leagues you load up to start are irrelavant appart from that their should only be european leagues. the initial transfer budgets,real players and player attributes masked boxes should be ticked all others should be left unticked.

The details of your manager are up to you apart from you Past playing experience should be Sunday league and your nationality should be your own true nationality.for the rest you are on your own.

once your game has been created you should not start unemployed(makes a change for the challenges) you should start at a team from the champions league of your chosen year that was eliminated in the groupstage.Then you are ready to go.You do not have to stay at your chosen club untill you win the champions league as you are allowed to move from club to club as you please as long as the club was in the champions league of your choice.


When posting your challenge progress on this thread you should post a picture of your manager on the load up day and you should also make clear what club you have started at I would then expect people to upload an update at the end of every season or when you move club.

I look forward to seeing how you get on;)

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