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Training and tutoring the youth team.

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Please correct me if I am wrong in any of this. I'm still trying to understand the full capability of youth training. Hopefully this could be a working document and maybe some others will learn something along the way, too.


I am trying to maximise my training efforts and as I understand it, when you're training your youth players, there's a lot more to it than just getting a bunch of 5* coaches and leaving them to it. It's important to work on their personality too, in order to allow for their CA to develop at the maximum pace. To do this, I understand that I need to match up personality types with senior players with higher personality ratings. So with this in mind, here are the available personalities in the game and what what equates to. I got this information from the internet, so if any of it is inaccurate, please excuse me and let me know:

Positive Personalities

Model Citizen Very good ambition, determination, loyalty, pressure, professionalism, sportsmanship and temperament

Perfectionist Very good ambition, determination and professionalism. Poor temperament

Resolute Very good professionalism and determination

Model Professional | Professional | Fairly Professional Very good professionalism. Fair level of temperament

Spirited Good pressure and professionalism. Fair level of temperament

Driven | Determined | Fairly Determined Very good determination. Fair level of ambition

Charismatic Leader Very good influence, sportsmanship and temperament

Born Leader (+23 years old) Top influence, sportsmanship and temperament

Leader Top influence

Iron Willed Top Pressure. Good determination.

Resilient Very good pressure. Good determination

Very Ambitious | Ambitious | Fairly Ambitious Very good ambition. Poor loyalty

Neutral Personalities

Honest | Sporting | Fairly Sporting Very good sportsmanship. Poor determination

Realist | Unsporting Very poor sportsmanship. Fair level of determination

Devoted | Very Loyal | Loyal | Fairly Loyal Very good loyalty. Poor ambition

Light-Hearted Good pressure and sportsmanship. Fair level of determination

Balanced Well-rounded personality that doesn't fit a specific description

Negative Personalities

Temperamental Poor temperament

Slack No professionalism. Poor determination

Casual Very poor professionalism. Poor determination

Unambitious Very poor ambition. Fair level of loyalty

Easily Discouraged | Low Determination Very poor determination. Poor ambition

Spineless No pressure. Poor determination

Low Self-Belief Very poor pressure. Poor determination

What do the personalities mean

Adaptability How well a player settles into a new country or new role

Ambition How much a player wants to achieve success. More ambitions players are likely to develop quickly but want to leave a lower level or unsuccessful club.

Controversy How outspoken a player will be in the media

Loyalty How loyal a player will be to his current club. Less likely to accept a better offer at other clubs

Pressure How well the player copes with challenging situations, e.g., a relegation battle

Professionalism How hard working a player is and how general his attitude is

Sportsmanship How ethical a player will be in matches, e.g., less likely to dive in matches

Temperament How calm a player is when situations go against him

Each personality will show where a player has: top, very good, good, fair level of, poor or very poor personality attributes.

So a player who is spirited would have good pressure and professionalism with a fair level of temperament. So they're likely to handle the pressure of a relegation battle well, as well as be hard working in training. They're also unlikely to to lose their temper when things are not going his way.

Since the only key personality attributes to player development in terms of CA are his professionalism, ambition and determination, it would be logical to tutor with senior players that possess one or both of these attributes as highlighted by their personality type. Ronaldo and Messi are both determined, so we know if you're using them for tutoring your youth player will improve his determination primarily with some ambition.

How to improve on personality types

So, using all of the above, youth players with a high professionalism, ambition and determination will raise his CA quicker then someome with low attributes in these areas. So, in order to increase them, we need to increase the hidden attributes and this are done via tutoring. My struggle is knowing what personality types are better within the 'positive' personalities group. Clearly model citizen and model professional, the group closer to the top of my list are the better ones, but say I have a player who is resilient; would training him with someone determined be good or bad for him? Is there a way to sort this list to better understand what personality types can really raise my youth.

For example; I have a 5* rated spirited regen. He is only 14 so plenty of time to develop. He is a striker and so I want to have him tutored.

We know from the above that a spirited player already has good pressure and professionalism with a fair level of temperament.

I have the following strikers at my club:

Mario Mandzukic: Ambitious. Determination 16

Thomas Muller: Determined. Determination 18

Mario Gomez: Fairly determined. Determination 15

Which of these would be preferred when tutoring? Assuming determined is better than fairly determined, but where does ambitious fall in line? Would he be better served with Mandzukic or Muller? Given Muller has the better of the determination stats I'd look towards him to ensure I keep my players determined, but would this be at the expense of increasing his CA because his ambition would be higher with Mandzukic.

Is there a short answer to this, whereby each personality type comes with a rough weighting to suggest which order you train your players? Over the course of his development I'd want him to pick up more determination and ambition from Muller and Mandzukic, but is there a specific way around to do this?

Sorry for the epically long post, I didn't intend it to become this long, but I just kept writing. Any help would be appreciated and please shout if any of the above isn't accurate.


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Adding media-handling into the mix;

Mario Mandzukic: Ambitious. Media-Friendly. Determination 16 - He has very good ambition and poor loyalty so he will want to achieve success and develop quickly but want to leave a lower level or unsuccessful club.

Thomas Muller: Determined. Unflappable. Determination 18 - He has very good determination and a fair level of ambition

Mario Gomez: Fairly determined. Level-Headed. Determination 15 - He has very good determination, not as good as Muller. Also has a fair level of ambition

Lars Meister (newgen): Spirited. Evasive. Determination 10 - This tells us he handles pressure well and is good professionally, which is important for CA development. He also has a fair level of temperament.

I'm not really sure how these translate 100% but from what I've read, this seems to translate as:

Media-friendly Controversy between 1-14 and temperament between 7-20

Unflappable Controversy between 1-14, temperament between 15-20, loyalty between 11-20, pressure between 15-20

Level-headed Controversy between 1-14, temperament between 7-20 and loyalty between 11-20

Evasive Controversy between 6-14, temperament between 7-14, pressure between 15-20, and professionalism between 15-20

Adding all these variables it would make sense to me that he has a session with both Muller and Mandzukic as they both offer him something different. From Muller he can increase his determination, pressure handling and temperament. With Mandzukic he can increase his ambition.

Would this make sense?

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I wouldn't use any of Mandzukic, Muller, or Gomez to tutor with those personalities. The only personalities I use to tutor youngsters with are;


Model Proffesional/Proffesional/Fairly Proffesional

Model Citizen




Get players with these personalties tutoring your youngsters and you will get much more benefit.

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Thanks Tom.

I only have 3x professional, 2x fairly professional and 1x spirited players. All defenders and defensive midfielder. I would say I need to tutor them but off the field (option two) rather than option 1.

None of those three are perfect mentors - but they all have merits - and perhaps a single flaw. So you just have to determine what you want the most.

Muller has excellent PPMs for any creative attacker, he has a good but not great character overall - his ambition is only average. Judging by the times I have tried to buy him, he is incredibly loyal too.

Gomez has some good PPMs for a striker (trying to beat the offside trap is great for some formations - and irritating for others), he has more ambition than Muller but lower determination.

Mandzukic has poor PPMs for anything other than a target man, ambition is his only good stat he can pass on (along with determination) - and he will drag down the other stats.

So no perfect solution but,

Gomez then Muller - lots of PPMs, lower ambition, higher determination

Muller then Gomez - lots of PPMs, higher ambition, lower determination (although he won't necessarily get from 10 to 18 in two mentoring sessions)

Muller then an ambitious DMC/def you mentioned, less PPMs, high determination, high ambition.

Determination can grow over time too without mentoring.

You could also sign someone like Dirk Kuyt (great mentor), stick him the reserves and use him after Muller to deal with the ambition issue. If you do sign a model pro, hold them back for the final mentoring session. The gap between them and poor personalities is to wide, and you want them to turn 16-17s into 19-20s.

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Have a look at this thread, it will explain a lot.


And by the way, determination is an on the field attribute, it doesn't effect training rate. Professionalism is what determines the train rate. Ambition also has an impact.

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Personally I think his personality is good enough that you don't mess with it. Spirited and Evasive means good professionalism, pressure and temperment with low controvosy. Sounds like a good combo to me. Maybe if you wanted his determination up a bit, but I don't think I'd mess with him.

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So I have Hazard and given his stats I wanted to train some great youngsters I bought. But his determination is only 10 and all the youths have higher already. So Hazard can never be a good tutor?

If that's his only weakness you could always bring the determination back up again with a different tutor later on.

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