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Mistakes made plus mistakes leading to goals?

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Just wondered how many mistakes your team makes over the course of a season and how many of them lead to goals, I've just won the CL aka my last game of the season and my team has made 1001 total mistakes which counted for 12 of the 40 goals I conceded which means 1/4 of goals I let in are from my own players being bellends, maybe it's just me but that's quite a lot so is the 1001 mistakes made considering I only played 65 matches so maybe the stats are wrong I have no idea but that means on average my players make 15 mistakes per game, I guess it's no surprise De Gea is the worst with 39 mistakes and 3 leading to goals.

So aye just wondering what stats you guys have and maybe you can mention the best mistake your player made leading to a goal for the opposing team, mine was when De Gea, against Bayern Munich in the CL semi final passed the ball straight to Gomez nowhere near any of my players who then took it with wrapping paper and all before slotting it into the back of the net, one of the best mistakes leading to a goal I have ever seen.

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