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Managing in Italy - Finances Fixed?

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A few weeks ago, my main FM13 save, which was based in Italy, came to an abrupt end due to the Italian taxes bug. This issue basically messed up the financial situation in Italy to the point that the save was pretty much completely broken. For example, after five seasons, A.C. Milan were a Serie B side worth about £22m! And Inter Milan had about £700m worth of debt! Most sides in the league had at least £100m+ worth of debt and when I looked at Serie A, almost three quarters of the teams on the job security screen had 'insecure' finances. And my team were constantly in and out of administration. Regrettably, there was nothing I could do to fix my save and I imagine that if I had kept playing it would surely have been totally unplayable in the future.

I was managing Mezzocorona in the FM13 Big Euro Challenge but, unfortunately, I had to withdraw my Mezzocorona team from the challenge due to this Italian taxes bug. (See here for my FMCU thread.) I've since taken a bit of a break from FM but now I'm desperate to get back into a save and I'd like to go back to Italy.

I would really like to go back to play the Big Euro challenge on FM13 and start again with Mezzocorona. After a break away from FM, I think I have the required patience and energy to restart and go back to the beginning with Mezzocorona now, although I couldn't have said that a few weeks ago when I discovered my save was broken!

Having put a fair amount of time into my Mezzocorona save (130 hours having played until 2019), I'm extremely worried about devoting the same sort of time to a save only to have it become unbalanced again. So I'm writing this thread to ask anyone who is playing in Italy what their experiences have been like since the latest patch?

Can anyone report on their experiences with taxes and finances in Italy? Is Italy now stable and balanced with the new taxes 'feature'? Or should I stay clear of Italy (or maybe wait until the next patch) before putting more time into a fresh save?

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks. :)

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4 seasons into an Italian save and have not had anything bizarre happen with finances. I have managed to get Inter's club value up over 300m ($) again, which was no easy feat, given the miniscule starting transfer budget, and wage restrictions. I would, however, stay away from 'Co-Ownership', there seems to be a bug where a player sold on co-ownership is unable to renew his contract, so if you buy him back in say, 2 or 3 years, you will buy him, but he will be out of contract and leave on a free the next day!

Had that happen to me with Stevanovic (promising LW), Khrin (mid with good aerial ability) and Caldirola (versatile CB), paid about 8 - 10m between the three of them, only to see them arrive without me being able to offer them a contract, and leave for free the next day (and unwilling to sign with Inter for a reasonable wage, once they are free agents). Luckily Crisetig still had his contract with Inter when I bought back his co-ownership rights.

And don't worry, I got my revenge, this off season Milan were unable to afford the other 50% of Acerbi and so his remaining 50% was sold to Udinese or someone. But Acerbi's contract with Udinese had expired! Finally the shoe was on the other foot, I brought in Acerbi on a free, arguably Milan's best CB for the previous 3 seasons!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. It sounds as though the problem really has been resolved, which means that I can get on with my save. :thup:

The only problem I have now is deciding whether to go back to Mezzocorona or to start the journeyman save that I have suddenly started to crave. :D

Either way, I'll be loading Italy, so it's good to know that this game breaking bug is no more and that the finances in Italy are stable and balanced as they should be.

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