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The art of renewing your contract.

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True story.

"Hi, son, it's the Chairman."

"Oh, word up, boss. Things are looking promising for the new season- after last year's unexpected playoff run, I think we've got a real chance of pushing for one of the automatic spots this season. The new faces are settling in well, and the media seems to agree."

"Yes, and I do too. We're all very impressed with how you've got on since coming here, I think we're definitely on the right track."

"Wicked cool."

"Anyway, we noticed your contract's only got a year left on it, so we wanted to open up a dialogue with you in good time to ensure you remain here after all the success you've brought to the club."


"Look, we want to keep you here for a while longer, to see through the changes you're instigating, and continue our rise up the divisions. So we want you to sign a two year extension, committing you to continuing to develop the club, and in exchange for that, we'll give you a very generous pay rise."

"Or you could just give me the pay rise and not extend the contract."

"But... then you'd still leave at the end of this season. So we're not going to do that. How about a one-year extension, then?"

"Or you could just give me the pay rise and not extend the contract."

"Yes, on second thoughts, let's do that. It's not like I came here looking for you to commit to the club or anything. I'll have my secretary draw up the paperwork."

"And at the end of the season, I'll still leave when my contract expires. Bodacious."

"Glad we're on the same page."

Sigh. Idiot.

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