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Best first half EVER!

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I've been playing FM for many a year now, but I have never had a first half like this. I am six or so seasons in and after managing Liverpool and Fiorentina to multiple titles and CLs I am now managing Bayern. I am in my second season with Bayern and pretty much decided to play my reserve side in the German Cup.



I'm almost afraid to start the second half, i'm hoping to hit 20, maybe.

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Here's the picture from the final result. I was actually a little disappointed to not hit 20 goals. To be honest I wasn't really paying that much attention to the game, I presumed I would wipe the floor with the opposition because they looked awful and my team is loaded with young hungry talented players.


The guy who ended up with nine goals is actually 19, I thought it was the guy next to him playing upfront who is 17. He's not a bad player, I don't really see him getting in my team anytime soon, he does have pace though and I love players who are pacey as hell and run with the ball.


No idea this broke some sort of record, i'm chuffed and just goes to show that my wife was completely wrong when I was yelling at her to stop watching Criminal Minds last night and check out my halftime result, she called me a loser, pfft women :)

The tactic I am using is called modern warfare, think i got it from the tactics forum.

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