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Tips to Create player with correct stats entered


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I am looking to create players in the editor but am aware that the CA/PA has an effect on the numbers entered for the stats, age aswell and ive also heard that giving a player too many positions/natural positions dilutes the stats aswell.

I am just wondering if anyone can either detail or if there are any guides that explain how to create a player in the editor so that he generates in-game with the stats that you have hand picked and entered.

Further, how these stats then develop depending on what has been entered, e.g, how to create a late bloomer or a Maldini as such that they peak late and last, I know this is generally a thing with defenders anyway, but I am not sure if natural fitness/stamina would possibly play a part in this?

Also from what i remember when i tried in FM12 editor (havent tried in fm13) if you put in fairly average or even poor stats and then give a high CA/PA, they just become amazing, just curious if anyone has figured a system to counter these issues.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advanced

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Its the current ability (CA) that will affect the current stats. You need to match the CA to the stats you entered, a too low CA and the numbers will be reduced, too high and they will be increased.

Change just the CA by trial and error and keep the PA higher but where you want it.

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