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Quick question about Stadium Expansion

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Currently enjoying a York City save in 2023. Finished 15th, 10th, 5th and now 3rd in the Prem and now in the Champions League.

In 2018 I had a new stadium built and the capacity was 14000 all seater, however I am now at the capacity limit and they probably will not build a new stadium due to the 20 year thing.

I am constantly makin a profit every season so at the moment I can live off it. But the only way I can progress and win the league is by bringing in more income.

My question is, should I wait 15 years for a new stadium or use the editor to create a new stadium but take the money out of my balance with a loan so it is realistic?

Or just edit the stadium capacity and let the board decide when and how big to build?

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Just wait, it will add to the challenge of staying near the top with a small club & if you somehow win the league it will be so much more gratifying than if you win after using the editor to magically create a 50,000 seat stadium.

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