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Does CA influence PA calculation for negative numbers

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As we know when the game starts players with a negative PA have a value assigned per this table:-

-10 = 170-200 PA

-9 = 150-180 PA

-8 = 130-160 PA

-7 = 110-140 PA

-6 = 90-120 PA

-5 = 70-100 PA

-4 = 50-80 PA

-3 = 30-60 PA

-2 = 10-40 PA

-1 = 0-20 PA

Does the players CA influence where in this scale he lands e.g. a -7 PA with 110 PA is he more likely to be generated with a value higher up in the range than a -7 PA whose CA is only 76?


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no the PA is random! only condition is when is generated to be higher (or equal, not sure here) that his CA. so a player with -8 PA can have a PA of 131 in one game and a PA of 155 in another regardless of his CA. only if his CA is 135 he can't have a PA smaller then this

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I assume this is "random" but there are things you can do to enhance this PA, like if a -8PA 18 year old is at Hartlepool, he's got far more chance of achieving the 155 if he moves to a club with more facilities and better players, like Arsenal. Although, if you are managing Hartlepool and want to keep him, you can still do things to enhance his ability, such as tutoring, playing more games, training focus, etc.

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