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Moving Scottish Clubs to England


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So I used the Data Editor to move Celtic, Rangers and Dundee Utd to League 1. I went Dundee Utd and worked my way up to the Premiership, and I just finished 7th. The problem is I didn't qualify for Europe...

The top four all qualified for the Champions League. Villa were 5th, Spurs 6th and Reading 8th, and they all qualified for the Europa. Villa lost the FA Cup final to Man Utd (who finished 3rd), and Spurs won the Carling Cup beating Chelsea (who finished 4th).

So how did Reading get into the Europa? They didn't lose a cup final... They might have won the Fair Play award, but they only had the 3rd best discipline (behind Spurs (who qualified through league placing or as Carling Cup winners) and Wolves (who got relegated))

Did I forget to change something when I moved the Scottish clubs which prevents them from playing in Europe? If I did can I use a save game editor to fix it?

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