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You're not playing it right if you havent tried this tactic yet.

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I have been trying a lot of tactics and finally stumbled upon a Gem!

I found this from a user in one of the fm forums called "Modern Warfare 442" (if you are the creator, please vouch for me and add on)


I tried this tactic with 2 clubs, QPR and Spurs.

QPR - Managed to get 5th in first season

Spurs - Won EPL and Carling Cup in first season

Its just a simple 442 structure but the tweaks is simply brilliant. Using Very Fluid and Attacking style, after 5 games I started to realize how special this tactic is. Defense is rock solid and the attacking prowess has been amazing. Sorry i am just too excited to share this tactic.

Download here

I dont take credit for this tactic. if you are creator, please post it again so i can delete this.

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