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Continental cup editig-BIG HELP!


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Hello guys first of all sorry for bad english. Anyway, i'm working on my own project fifa champions league (i made merged leagues like yugoslav, ussr, etc), so what's the catch. Everything works fine, but when i look into details which teams are qualified to champions league i see one error. For example:

i made six teams qualified from:




and so on

but. Chelsea ended 7 in the table and they qualified to champions league. How is this possible? Same i make scandinavian league and fm even dont put the scandinavian champion to champions league? fm puts to champions league team who was 4. in the table (example: i made three teams from scandinavia to qualifie to champions league).

So if i write too much complicated

i put first three teams from scandinavia to qualifie.

season end




in next season of champions league i dont have nor kobenhaven or rosenborg or brondby but i have malmo who ended 4. in the table and two other teams from this league.

Hope someone will know how to sort this out!


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