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Struggling after a change....

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Hi all,

I am in my third season with Brighton after having some good success.

In season 1 i got promoted through the play offs using the original squad - Ashley Barnes was superb.

In season 2 i finished a respectable 13th again without too many changes - i included Paloschi and Marko Marin in season 2. Again Ashley Barnes did well but was a bit hit and miss.

In the pre season for season 3 with a nice budget i bought in many players who were all 4 stars or above and thought i d sell some of the "championship players" i had. This included Ashley Barnes who i didn't think could step up any further.

I have always played the same tactic and my current team is below - tc settings are all default as they were:

GK - Renan Ribiero?? (sp)/Kusczack

DR – Micah Richards/Van Der Wiel (FB attack)

DC – Lewis Dunk/Parkhurst (CB defend)

DC – Dereck Boyata/Gordon Greer (CB defend)

DL – Jetro Willems/contentho (sp) (FB attack)

MC – Simao/Liam Bridcutt (BWM defend)

MC – Ignacio Camacho (DLP support)

AMR – Ashley Young/Will Buckley (W or IF Attack)

AML – Marko Marin/Kazenga Lua Lua (W or IF Attack)

AMC – Iogo Falque/Sebastien Viera (T or AP support)

STC – Alberto Paloschi/Ademilson (DLP or P Attack)

For the first 8 games of the season not only did i not win - i didnt even score a goal!! Including against L1 Doncaster where i had to scrape through on pens.

I have won one 3-1 v Stoke (paloschi hatrick) and drawn 1-1 (Paloschi again) since but i am still concerned about what might have happened?

I dont fiddle too much with the tactics (could this be why?) and each player is playing where they should fit best according to reports. Although i am still undecided on a few roles e.g. AMR, AML and AMC.

Does anyone have an idea about how i can make this team work? Do you think it could be a case of too many changes at once and time needed to settle?

Any input or advice would be appreciated.


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Is your squad fluid in all aspects of your tactics on the training screen, yet? Several new squad members can hit the familiarity of your tactics hard, even if you haven't changed them.

Also, do your new signings fit the personality profile of your squad overall? Does your AM report that they are struggling to fit in? There's more to building a successful team than simply buying the best players you can afford.

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Fair comments - although i did try to ensure they were similar players to what i was dropping, just better quality. I think the familiarity aspect is where i may have fallen short. As i have now won 8 of the last 14 games and drawn a few and am scoring for fun now the new players have settled. I went back to original wingers Buckley and Lua Lua for while and they were effective while the others settled and are now performing well.

Another tweak that i also think really helped that i found on another thread was changing the BWM to a CM (defensive), this meant the team was better positionally and wasn't getting caught on the break so much.

So i think my lesson was to not play all the new players at once but leave each time to settle and mix with the existing 11 before changing fully to the improved 11. And also be smarter about the positioning of players - particularly with a lighter midfield. Hopefully i can see this season out finishing top 10, make some backroom improvements and see if this squad can start contending for Europe!

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I've often found that using a BWM as a defensive midfielder without a DM can leave holes in front of the back four. I've had more success with either a defensive CM (as you describe above) or having the BWM in the support role, with his midfield partner taking on the defensive duties. The idea being that he wins the ball further up the pitch and then distributes to one of the nearby attacking players, while his partner provides cover should he get caught out.

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