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Arresting a slump

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It seems that at some stage in my journeyman career the team I am managing, having started the season well or at least acceptably, will, about mid-way through the season, start a very poor run of form.

This has on two occasions led to my sacking and may well do so again with my current team. I seem powerless to turn back the tide. I hold team meetings and say the right things in team talks so morale doesn’t drop through the floor; in fact it stays surprisingly OK, but still the streak goes on.

I’ve attempted changes in tactics and use shouts during the game which have no effect (the same changes may have seen me get an equaliser or even win the game when things were going well). My tactics aren’t rubbish either, sure they’re no super tactic and I doubt anybody would want to download them, but they’re mine and they have worked in the past. They got Udinese into the Champions League. When I took over when they were in the bottom half. And got Barnsley promoted from league 1 when they were 10th when I took over (different tactics – I design them based on the players I’ve got and what they’ve been playing before I took over).

The following season I start well (or in Barnsley’s case decently) and then for no explicable reason – slump. I wouldn’t expect my promoted Barnsley side to be tearing the league up, but they were displaying decent mid table form. The players are about average for the league with a couple of stand out players, but after beating West Ham 5-1 away, I haven’t won in something like 8 games.

I’m at a loss. Like everyone who has problems says, I’ve played the game for years and usually quite successfully (eventually), but this year I really have gone to pot.

Any help on arresting a slide would be much appreciated.

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ive always found morale to be a big thing and as well as team meetings i go player to player to talk to them to boost moral normally saying they need to work harder in training.

but still i find that not enough.

in my teams (leeds) slumps i find im normally concedece about 2-3 or more a game. but i find a couple of solid defensive 0-0 or 1-1 results gives a bit of stablisation.

failing that i sometimes arrange a resevre team game again a non league and send to my badly performing players to what should be a playing confidence boost.

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Friendly against no-hopers. Good idea. I'll try that.

Cheers - I had a couple of nervy draws and thought I was coming to the end of this, then lost 3-2 and 4-3 (having come back from 3-0 down - so very upsetting) which prompted me to post the query.

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