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Spurs have just bid £812 million for my striker!

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Playing as West Ham I have had a striker come through the ranks who is pretty darn good, but not exactly a world beater. He is a bit of a favourite of mine as he always tends to preform in the big games scoring in a few finals including the winning goal in my only Champions League final victory. So first of all Spurs put in a couple of bids around £20million for him. The first I reject out of hand only for them to come back with a similar off. This time I negotiate asking for around £1 billion simply to put them off (About £200m up front with several alloments of £200 based on 1 international appearence, 10 league goals, a small amount of league appearances, and £200m over 6 months). Anyway they've come back with this offer worth £812 million! I'm not sure what the in's and out's are of the deal are as my Chairman has stepped in and accepted it (Who can blame him?!).

The thing is Spurs aren't even that good and haven't even qualified for the Champions League in years. They tend to spend quite a bit most seasons with little to show for it. They aren't owned by a Tycoon although a 'Local Businessman' did takeover about 6 years ago. They're finances are classed as 'Rich' but that's probably because its the pre-season and they do have a decent amount of sponsorship.

Surely they haven't got the money for this to come off? This must be a bug, right?


Heres the bid


Heres the player


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