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Network games stable after the last patch?


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Quick question really...are network games stable after the latest patch???

Me and a few mates have tried twice to start network games but it keeps kicking people at random. We have been waiting for an update and posted the problems in the relevant sections on here, just like a lot of others have, but there had been no word from SI.

Now that the latest update has been out for a few days I wondered if anyone knew if it had made network games playable...we are still going to be waiting for the transfer update before starting...I just wondered if anyone could help with any info.


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I tried playing a game with my mate after the latest update rebs, randomly disconnected us both at several points, you getting eager for the network game? :p

I'll help you test it if you are wanting to see what happens, if anything at all

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i am in a small clan of 7 people , after the initial speed problems and bugs ...after the last 2 patches we have been fine

game runs normal speed

no disconects

no cant sign player bugs

no getting stuck in games

i am the host , i have a i 7 laptop and 20 meg broad band

i have portforwarded all ports for fm and for steam and no one ever has an issue joining me

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