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FM 15 - A Basic Guide for Tactics and Training UPDATED

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I've noticed a far amount of questions regarding Ratings. These numbers are fairly important to understand, there are times when you can ignore them and there are times you shouldn't. Ratings serve only to tell us whether a player is performing optimally for the role you have selected to play him in. There are several scenarios where these are important and some maybe not so.

All these scores need to be understood within a context.

<5.5 is below average and it should be a cause of concern

5.5-6.5 is average

6.5-7.0 is generally good

7.0>8.0 is a good score

8.0 > is outstanding

There are ratings you pay attention during a game and after a game. During the course of a match you want to compare your ratings with the other team. Its common to see a game start and both sides will be hovering around 6.5-6.8, this means that both sides are performing adequately and if a goal is scored, the goal scorer and the assist creator may creep up to 7. This should be a sign that your team is playing to instructions, but if a player is hovering around average and below you should start paying attention. There will always be several reasons why this is happening and its important to understand what these could be. If you are a goal down, I would start looking at low scores.

1. Team is a goal down or a goal up and a player is generating a low rating

In this case, a player could have made a mistake leading to a goal scoring chance, or he has missed a penalty. In either case you want to see if he's performing his role well. I have on many occassions taken off a player at the 15th min mark because as compared to the rest of the team, he wasn't doing his job well. A fullback could have been skinned easily and may not have had the necessary attributes to handle a threat. In this case you need to take a look at your tactic? Are you playing someone in a specific duty that he's been challenged at? For example you could have told a player to play as a ball winning midfielder but he's failed to tackle well, or a fullback hasn't been able to come back to do his duties or has failed to do anything useful with the ball? Its at this point that I start evaluating players roles and their suitability. Only you can judge whether a tweak to his role is needed or a sub.

2. You are more than a goal up doing well and a player is generating a low rating

This is also a common scenario. In this case, there is usually one reason. A misallocation of roles. If your team is playing with a DLP and an advanced playmaker for example, and you find that your DLP is generating a low rating, does that mean he's having a bad game in spite of you winning by 2-3 goals? No, it means that he's being under utilised. This is true in almost every case I have played, and this includes the mythic notion on the forums that a DM is always going to generate low ratings. If he is generating low ratings, either he's screwing up or he has little to do. If you are winning and he isn't getting good ratings then someone on the pitch is giving him a lot of help and in this case a slight change to his role to either make him more adventurous should help. The common reaction by a lot of managers is to leave the status quo, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it does mean that your team may have won, but they certainly could have played a lot better. There is also another reason, he just didn't have much to do.

The ratings system isn't perfect, its just a guide, I've had matches where I've won by 3 goals and I still have one member of my trident strike force generating 6.7, that doesn't concern me cos that score just means he was doing what he was expected to, he wasn't being sensational, just being functional. Some positions will however still generate low ratings because in order to see a high rating like a 8 or 9, they need to score or create assists. In most cases you should just use these as a guide and not get fixated by them.

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I watch all my games on the full 90 minutes and I can assure you that any player rating 6.6 or less is having a nightmare.

This isn't true at all so not sure what you're watching exactly. Just because you watch something doesn't mean you actually understand what you see happening on the pitch, context is everything and 6.6 is not a bad rating. Examples;

Keeper gets a 6.6 it doesn't mean he's had a nightmare it could be that he's not had anything to do.

A MC gets a 6.6 but could have made 300 passes completing 90% of them but because it was all passes deep in his own half or around the half way line, it won't score high due to goals and assists being very biased for ratings.

A striker might be a 6.6 but he did nothing all game but scored 1 goal in the 80th minute, immediately his rating will jump to a much higher due to the ME being heavily biased for assists and goals. Yet for 80 minutes he's been average.

If a player is having a nightmare his rating would be 5 or lower.

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Actually a player will only be having a nightmare if he's less than 6.0. Whilst a side could be playing well, a player could drop to 6.1 once he makes an error like give away a penalty. I would concur with Cleon in that the average rating is around 5.5 to as high as 6.6. Within this realm a team is playing within expectations. Personally for my own personal standards, I expect to see my side playing at 6.8 and higher at all times. I start monitoring players who are less than 6.5 during a game. Personally I have only seen a player hit 5.5 like once or twice in a season. We are after all on a 135 game unbeaten run in all competitions so I guess with my side its going to be rare.

Playing with weaker sides, I would pay attention to players who are consistently getting less than 6.0 as that is the low end of the average scale imho.

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