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How do I setup my tactics?

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  • First you need to make sure you have enough players dressed on your roster to fill your lines
  • Go to your team roster, where you can dress players for the upcoming matches by selecting them from the left-hand column. Goalies dressed will be marked with a G, skaters with an S
  • The footer at the bottom of your roster screen will tell you if the next game has a limit on how many players you can dress and how many in total you have dressed at the moment
  • Once you have enough players dressed for the next game, click on the “Tactics” link in the titlebar of your roster screen
  • On the first page of the tactics screen, you can assign your players into the lineup for different lines used in different game situations
  • To assign player into the lines, left click on his number on the left hand side list and then left click on any of the available slots in the lineup on the right
  • Right-clicking on a slot in the lineup will remove the player assigned in that slot
  • In the “Tactics” page, you can set your captains, extra attackers and line usage. You can also set your team-wide tactical settings and tactical systems to employ from here
  • If you want to to specialise some of your lines to play differently, you can do that on the “View Units” page by ticking “Use Unit Tactics”
  • You can also assign personal instructions to individual players in the “Personal Tactics” page

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