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How do I set up my scouting?

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  • From your manager menu, select “Scouting” to go into the scouting screen
  • Alternatively, you can find the “Scouting” link also on the titlebar of your front office screen
  • From the Scouting screen, select the “Scouts” section
  • All the scouts available to your team are listed in the “Scouts” dropdown
  • You can assign any of your scouts by using the “Assign Scout” menu in the actions
  • If the scout is currently on an assignment, you can recall him with the “Recall Scout” action
  • To send a scout to watch a particular team, select “Team” from the “Assign Scout” menu and right-click on the wanted team from the list of teams, selecting “Scout Team”
  • To scout all teams in a particular league, select “League” from the “Assign Scout” menu and select the league from the list of leagues
  • You can also assign scouts to cover particular nations or regions and you can decide if you want to have the scout permanently assigned or have him just scout the selected league or nation thoroughly once
  • With bigger teams, you will have more scouts at your disposal and it is good to spread them around to cover at least the draft, your own league and possible farm leagues and the key hockey nations
  • With smaller teams and limited scouts available, it might be good to focus your scouting on your own league and upcoming youth players

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