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Arranging and Playing Exhibition Games

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  • A key part of preparing for the season opener is to play exhibition hockey in order to shake off some of the off-season cobwebs and build up fitness ahead of everything getting underway for real.
  • In tandem with your Training Camp, these offer a chance for you to try out different tactical experiments, line combinations and to offer opportunities to players trying to crack the team.
  • Teams will approach you offering an Exhibition game, but you can also arrange them yourself by going to the ‘Schedule’ tab on the Roster screen and using the ‘Arrange’ button located near to the top right of the main screen area.
  • Select ‘Home Game’ before choosing from any of the ‘Date Available’ options.
  • Click ‘Next’ and choose a team before hitting ‘Invite Team’ from the ‘Actions’ menu.
  • They’ll get back to you with their availability in a day or two.
  • When your first exhibition game rolls around, be sure to follow the guidance offered in the ‘Assessing your roster’ section as well as the ‘How do I set up my tactics’ one.

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