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Assessing your roster and picking your first team

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  • The easiest way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your roster is to utilise the Team Report, available from the ‘Actions’ menu.
  • Your Assistant General Manager ranks each player attached to the team, either under contract or having their rights held, across each position.
  • The Assistant GM also picks out the best players on the roster in key areas of play as well as detailing the organisation’s top twelve prospects.
  • You can begin appraising your talent from here and attempt to pick your first team by following the Assistant GM’s opinions.
  • For example, the top two defencemen listed are likely to be your top pairing, whilst your top forward line will likely comprise those at the head of the list for Left Wingers, Centers and Right Wingers.
  • Typically, although not exclusively (and you can change this in your Tactics), players on top defensive pairings and top lines will receive more ice time than those on the second and third pairings/second, third and fourth lines. It stands to reason that you want your best players on the ice as often as possible, after all!

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