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  • You serve as your team’s General Manager and, whilst you have the option of coaching games yourself, you may also hire a Head Coach.
  • The Head Coach influences how well your players develop in practice on a day-to-day basis and will also play a key role in how they perform on the ice.
  • Your Assistant General Manager, meanwhile, plays an important role in assisting you in your day-to-day duties. He compiles the Team Report (which will not be visible unless you employ one) and the better his attributes, the more accurate his assessment of your roster will be.
  • The team of Assistant Coaches support the Head Coach in player development and at practice. Use the section towards the bottom left of the Practice screen to ensure their workload is distributed in a manner allowing them to be as efficient as possible with their expertise.
  • Your Scouts will ensure you’re kept fully up to date with everything in the hockey world. Most teams will split their scouting staff between professional and amateur levels, allowing them to focus some resources on building up knowledge of other teams (next opposition reports) and players (opposition scouting and useful for trading) in the league, whilst amateur scouts will focus on preparing for upcoming drafts, compiling information for you to ensure the cupboard is well stocked for the long-term.

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Hi Neil

I was searching for the manual to Eastside Hockey on the net. It seems there is none. You are still Selling the Product but there's no manual. I bought a download from Steam.

Can I get some light on this issue please.


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