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Update Changelist for EHM:EA 15.9.0b

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We're happy to announce that Eastside Hockey Manager version 15.9.0b is now available to download on Steam.

To download the update, simply save your current game, quit EHM, then quit and restart Steam. Then launch the game as normal and this should start your update automatically.

If you have any technical issues or bugs following the update, raise them here on the EHM Bugs Forums - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/471

Version number for this week’s update is 15.9.0b. In-Game Engine is now at v71, see changelist below:

Changelist for 15.9.0b


New features:


- Added contract rules panel to contract offer screen

- Expanded league tables to include Last 10, Streak and Shoot-out record columns

Database Import changes for 2014 rules:

[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]


Gameplay changes:


- Added note about player possibly having hard time to adapt to playing abroad to scout report

- Adjusted some AI trade evaluations

- Adjustments to player salary demands

- Adjustments to player interest evaluations

- Adjustments to board allowed max salaries for pending RFA's and for qualifying offers

- Fixes to salary limitations when offering contract extensions

- When two players selected for a game have conflicting jersey numbers, only the lower rep player number needs to be re-assigned

- Added news item when club is fined for being below salary floor

- Adjusted filling of blank attributes at game start

UI changes:


- Fixed layout issue with scout report panel stars in player profile when full report text is very long

- Fixes to some salary/cap hit display values

- Added max salary allowed for each team status on club salary breakdown panel

- Moved league schedule dates listings from "Overview" section in league screen to the "Information" section

- Added links to stats/standings snapshot panel headers on home screen

- Added preferred jersey number to personal information panel under other details

- Added coloring to team cap hits on Trade Center cap charts if the team is over the cap or under the floor

- Enabled right-click menus for players on Team Report screen

Other changes:


- Fixed crash when using hidden attributes, resigning from team and viewing player profiles of the old team

- Fixed cap hit calculations on some AI contract

- Fixed entry level contracts not being considered relevant for players currently on trial when offering a contract

- Fixed players occasionally listed twice in the hot or not panel of team report

- Added option to importer to recalculate cached runtime information for league totals etc.

In-Game Engine v71


- Adjusted fighting tendencies

- Adjusted shooting tendencies for defensemen

- Adjusted shooting tendencies for forwards

- Small adjustments to goalkeeping

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