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How do I uninstall a logo pack?

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I DL'd a logo pack and decided I don't want to use it for now. I deleted it from the Graphics folder and even cleared cache and reset all display settings to default. However, the logos are still there...

Is there some shadow folder it's installed in? Besides reinstalling the game, how do I get rid of this logo pack? Where can I find where it may be besides the Graphics folder?

There are 2 Sports Interactive folders for some reason in My Docs. One is pretty skeleton, the other w/ all the subfolders where I put the logo pack in (again, which has been removed). When I delete the skeleton folder (has just 3 docs in it, all config files), there are no logos in the game at all. But I think it may have something to do w/ something...?



so apparently the logo pack is bound to the save file? i uninstalled FM16 completely (deleted all folders in My Docs too), re-installed, put my old save file back in the Games folder and the custom logos are still in use, even though I don't have the logo pack in Graphics...

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