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Which version of FM2016 to buy?

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Hi everyone

I'm having a dilemma. I've got a pretty high end tablet so have very little doubt that when the list comes out of playable tablets comes out, I'll be able to play the touch version of the game on there. I bought it because my laptop was getting old and slow and I couldn't justify buying a new laptop essentially just to play FM.

For users who played the touch game last year, or developers who have designed this year's touch game, is it going to be a full enough version of the game to just play on the tablet or is the full game still far superior?

What percentage of the full game's power does the touch game actually have?

I'm being drawn in by the full version but would rather get the tablet version if I thought it would give me my fix.

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A lot of people play FMT only, whether it is on a PC, Mac or tablet. It's still the same game, with the same AI and Match Engine. Some features are just streamlined. Very much worth getting and I don't even play FMT.

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