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Ridiculous game-breaking bugs (Juventus/Italian league)

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Cuadrado is on loan from chelsea. At the end of season (May) I wanted to sign him.

chelsea accepted my offer & Cuadrado accepted my contract offer

transfer date: next available -> 1st July 2016



But the transfer will go through on Saturday 1st July 2017. WTF?



Another ridiculous thing. I wanted to sign Alexis Sanchez.

arsenal accepted my offer & Alexis Sanchez accepted my contract offer



transfer date: next available -> 1st July 2016 (next season)

But the deal falls through - "Juventus can only sign 2 non-EU players from abroad per season"


But I only signed two players for next season, Berardi and Rulli, both have EU passport


Every year: bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs... I've wasted a lot of time again on this game. But I'm the idiot who bought this :(

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Your very first screenshot shows that the transfer will go through in 2017 only.

And with bugs, please report them in the bugs forum with a save before the incident/issue. :thup:

Says that on the Alexis Sanchez shot too. Maybe the OP should read the details before signing :D

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Dude!!! This does not make sense. I just finished the first season. Why the transfers will go through in July 2017 only? It is bug.

It could be a bug. It could be something to do with the Serie A. I have no idea but it does state when the transfers will go through when you make an offer.

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It's not a bug, but a change-up.

In FM16 it's literally "sign 2 non-EU per season from abroad". Sign, not join.

So you have to wait for the new season aka 1st of July to even sign a non-EU player, which is ridiculous considering that loans end on 30th of June and you can't buyout players for pre-determined fee.

For example I can't even sign a 18yo talent even if I select the "end of the season" in the transfer date options.

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On the "2 Non-EU signings" subject - have you hit the season reset date? If not, it'll be counting anyone you've signed since the previous Summer.

I found that annoying in my Juventus save

agreed to sign a newgen on June 25th, cause why not

and then got given the 'transfer cancelled due to non-EU players'

although he would've signed a week later, when I was able to sign non-EU players again

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