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Dial Square FC - an Arsenal Alternative


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If you have played the new Football Manager 2016 then you will know that they have a build a club option at the start, this option lets your pick a club to and re-brand it with the name of a team that you want, you can chose the kit color, the ground and you get to change the players as well as add other players to your team.

this is a new challenge one one i am looking forward to taking on, so i have have mad the Club Dial Square FC, this is a tribute to Arsenal FC, i have used Dial Square FC as this was one of the first names that Arsenal FC had before they moved from South East London to North London.

The team that i re-branded was Ebbsfleet United FC, they are a team that are from the Vanarama National League South. This is the lowest league that you can have in the Football Manager game without add a edit to the package and since i want to do this game without editing or changing anything other then the team in any way i thought this team would be the best for me.

as well as changing the name of the team i have changed the nickname to The Gooners, this is another salute to Arsenal FC, i have changed the ground to The Manor Ground, this was the name of one of the first placed that Dial Square FC played as a team. I have also changed the kit colors, the home kit is the Red color worn by Arsenal FC and the away kit is a yellow kit.

you can also change things such as the relationships with other teams with this i have made all the teams around the surrounding areas of Plumsted and Woolwich Dial Arch C’s rivals, these include; Charlton FC, Thamesmead Town FC, Welling United FC and Bromley FC. i have also made two other rivals for Dial Square these being Tottenham Hotspur FC and Chelsea FC, i have added both o these because of arsenals rivalry with the pair and i believed it was fitting for a arsenal spin off team.

I have also added a affiliated team for Dial Square FC and this team is Arsenal FC, i done this because of the clear connection between the two and because out of all the teams on the game and being an arsenal supported what other team would i want to affiliated with?

Please come to https://myfm16journey.wordpress.com to continue reading

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Sorry for being blunt, but FMS is strictly for stories. This is not really a place where you can give your readers a taste of your story and then redirect them to your blog/YouTube page.

If you want this topic to stay on FMS, I'd suggest publishing some more of your story here. If not, I'm sure there's another section of the forum where this would be welcome.

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Please see the house rules thread. I'm locking this thread per those rules.

Dial, if you want to post more, please read the guidelines and PM any of the moderators. We need original story content posted here before we allow redirects of any kind and it needs to be more than "here's my latest post, go to my YouTube". We'll be happy to re-open once that happens. Cheers.

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