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'Underlapping' fullbacks

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Opposed to overlapping fullbacks, who exploit space on the flanks created by "wingers" going inside, I want my fullback to cut inside, both with and without the ball. An illustration of what I'm looking for:


Browsing the internet in search for something similar, i stumbled upon RTH's article about 4-6-0, where he managed to create exactly what i am now trying. Logically, I copied the idea, FB(A) with Cuts inside PI and Winger(support) up front. However, my winger tends to get "inside", even though he has Stay wider hardcoded in his role. I have chosen Bernat for the winger role, since he doesn't have Cuts inside PPM, so I could exclude that effect. Some screenshots:



Tried it with CWB and IWB (with Get further forward PI) also, but no significant improvement. I haven't used any TIs, since i am only trying out this idea before implementing it in any particular tactic. Any ideas?

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Roam from position, sit narrower and/or move into channels so that he will tuck in like a Raumdeuter. Can also try using an opposite foot(left foot on right flank and vice-versa) player.

Someone also logged in a bug saying wingers are not 100% working as it should be. As it's tactically and could have a knock on, I'm not too sure if it's actually fixed in the latest patch.


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I'm merely speculating here, as I haven't actually tried it. But what about a DW/D, or a WM/D in the LM spot with instructions to stay wide, with a CWB/A behind him, with associated PIs?

Essentially creating a blockade for the FB, so he is forced to cut inside. He'll need good attributes on top of that (off the ball, decisions), but I think it's doable. I think you're also better off with a right footer at LB for this.

The IWB is what this is for, really, but as I understand it, the way they operate is to cut inside when they have the ball at their feet.

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